Covid-19 - The System has been Disrupted

We need to work together to get this virus under control. Every one of us. We also need to tackle climate change. The planet needs our help more than ever. The grip that fossil fuelers have on the economy is slipping. Just not fast enough. We need to accelerate the process. It’s time to #DisruptTheSystem.

"The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us."

David Attenborough

Beginners guide to Crowdfunded Climate Action

You may have much more power than you realise to help accelerate the shift to a green economy.

We’ve done a little collab with the amazingly talented @alistrated to unpack your options to participate in climate action NOW.

Walk away from fossil fuels


It’s time to shift to a sustainable lifestyle and prepare for a green future. It’s time to shift our money away from dirty business.

Every financial institution that you use could be using your money to invest in fossil fuels. Superannuation, banking, mortgage, insurance. Tally them up and that could be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wherever you can, make the choice to use ethical institutions that pledge to invest with sustainable standards.  The polluters will only be defeated if they are starved of money. Our money.

Check out Australian Ethical, Future Super, Bank Australia and Huddle Insurance for institutions with ethical standards.


Invest in the green economy

If you’re fortunate enough to have some spare money try out green investments. Investing small amounts may feel insignificant but when enough people are doing it, great things can be accomplished.

Check out Sun Exchange, Goodments, Kiva or the new start-up Seeds Investing and get your spare cash driving us into a green future.

Make your donations grow


Donating to green organisations can help spread awareness and momentum around climate change or make a tangible impact to protecting and restoring the ecosystem.

Plant trees with Greening Australia, Eden Reforestation Project, Tree Project or Rainforest Trust.


Do good… for nothing

Changing habits, using different platforms or donating a little time can do good with no cost to you.

Plant trees by changing to apps made by Apps Planting Trees or watching ethical ads at Bubbly Tree . Change your search browser to  Search Scene or Ecosia and every search helps plant trees or clean up the ocean.

Get involved


Find a group locally or globally that resonates with your climate action journey. Whether you can offer time, money or great ideas, there are groups that would love to hear from you.

Try community groups like 1MillionWomen and Crowdsourcing Sustainability or more specialised groups like WorkforClimate or Comms Declare. There’s plenty of groups to help you on your journey.

This only scratches the surface of what options you have to make a tangible difference to the future of our planet. Check out our resources page for more inspiration to help you on your way.

It's time to declare

We’re supporting Comms Declare  to get ethical standards raised in the communications industry. No more greenwashing for dirty polluters. If you work in the communications industry, join the movement.



That’s great to hear. For crowdfunding climate action to be a success it needs just one thing. A crowd. Sign up below and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share our message.

Yes. Governments still need to be pressured to make them change. Until then, it is up to us to squeeze their profits.

Apart from reducing our carbon footprint, we are looking for projects, start ups and ideas to get involved in. If you have a great idea let us know.

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