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We have been doing purpose-driven projects and collaborations since 2019, celebrating art as a vehicle to create emotional connections to important issues. If you have a project that could use fresh creative ideas, thinking and support get in touch.

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Disrupt The System

We did this video in late 2019 when I thought planting industrial hemp at a massive scale would be the quick natural CCS that would solve the climate crisis. Lol.

Well, planting lots of hemp and other natural methods of carbon sequestration (basically restoring nature) would totally help heaps but who wants to do this the easy way?

Our Projects

We love projects that disrupt. The most overused word in modern times. But, it’s in our name so whatever.

F-List Playing Cards

A project I did with Comms Declare and Clean_Creatives. A full deck of cards (55 total) that show the 90 agencies that are working with the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel companies are the world’s biggest polluters, the biggest greenwashers, and the biggest opponents of climate action – and these are the agencies (that we know of) who are helping them do it.⁠

I did two print runs of 100 decks each. Most of the first run headed to COP 26 in Glasgow to prompt conversations about the agencies that continue to profit from supporting the fossil fuel industry.⁠ See the latest F-List at cleancreatives.org/learn

After creating the first deck for promotional purposes on standard playing card stock I redesigned the deck and got a new print run on premium casino quality linen stock.

These decks are available for purchase at our store.

ScoMo’s Leap of Faith

Poor Scotty is finding it hard to stay on top. Can you help him dodge all the scandals so he can win the next election?

The news cycle can bury scandals in parliament pretty quickly so we’ve created this game to remind people of the historic failures of the current government. On the lead up to an election, with more levels in the pipeline, ScoMo’s Leap of Faith should serve as a little ScoMo scorecard. Enjoy.


Communicators, it’s time to declare for the climate

Comms Declare aims to get ethical standards raised in the communications industry around the climate crisis. The industry needs to acknowledge we are complicit. We can no longer allow our talents and services to be used by the fossil fuel industry and other polluters to manipulate public opinion. To support profit by destruction.

We have supported Comms Declare since they began with me now on board in the Creative Director role.


North Sydney’s Independent

If you’re in the #AusPol scene you would have heard of Denise Shrivell. I connected with Denise in early 2020 and have been contributing to her projects ever since. The latest project has been establishing North Sydney’s Independent as a platform to drive awareness and change in Trent Zimmermans seat in the looming election.


Voices of Goldstein

I did a little visual identity work for the Voices of Goldstein team. Their growing tribe wants local representatives to take notice of community concerns around the climate crisis. They hold regular ‘kitchen table conversations’ to discuss important local issues.


City of Port Phillip Environmental Leaders Course

A group of Port Phillip residents are about to launch a bunch of exciting local environmental projects. The new environmental leaders are passionate and driven. Watch out climate crisis.


Beginners Guide to Crowdfunded Climate Action

A little collab we did with the amazingly talented @alistrated to unpack just how much you can contribute to the climate action movement. Together we can accelerate the transition to a green and sustainable future.


ScoMo World

A fun experiment with reskinning* a game to show the chaos happening in Australia as the pandemic took hold after the devastating Black Summer bushfires. We have a new project in the wings to explore this platform further.

*Reskinning refers to purchasing an existing game and personalising it. We purchased the licence to the original game called Santa Run which allowed us to customise the entire game.

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