Disrupt the System

For decades governments have been warned about global warming. Their neglect has created a #ClimateEmergency.

We have reached a critical point in history. We must change now, and we can. We are motivated and fighting for #ClimateAction. It’s time to #DisruptTheSystem

“If solutions within the system are so impossible to find, then maybe we should change the system itself.”

Greta Thunberg

Crowdsourced Climate Action

There are hundreds of things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. This may not address the core problem but as part of a global movement it will still make a difference. Plus, it’s a shift to a sustainable lifestyle, getting ready for a green future.

We can also take part in crowdsourced climate action and shift our money away from dirty businesses. The fossil fuel industry and other polluters will only be defeated if they are starved of money. Our money.

Find climate communities and activities you can get involved in.

1 Million Women
Crowdsourced sustainability.

Year of the Planet
Crowdsourced sustainability.
Crowdfunded climate action.

Australian Ethical Super
Crowdfunded climate action.
Sustainable investment.

Let's Think BIGGER

We could crowdfund even bigger ideas. Projects that generate their own income. Create our own green economy, for the benefit of both us and the planet.

Browse these case studies, real projects and potential projects to see what we could achieve.

ABC Case study
What Australians could do with a crowdfund of $4 billion. ($200 per person)

Indigenous Energy Australia
Potential crowdfunded investment opportunity. Indigenous business helping create sustainable infrastructure and income for indigenous communities.

Terra 2
Crowdfunded Climate Investment.

Crowdfund What Projects?

Whatever projects you believe in. Here are some organisations, news sites and people we have come across that could help in the search for worthy projects.

Climate Action Network

Other websites and communities focussed on crowdsourced climate action.

Climate action community aimed specifically at gamers.

Ryan is a guy passionate to learn, change and share his findings to help inspire climate action. Be like Ryan.

Industries for Climate Action

Organisations looking to create positive change and climate action from within their industries.

Australian Architects Declare
One of many architects declare groups from around the world.

Communication and PR professionals dedicated to climate action.

Creative and Climate
Creative agencies planning to disclose their ‘climate conflicts’ and individuals pledging to refuse working on fossil fuel clients.

But. Governments should be fixing this.

Yes. Yes they should. But governments around the world are mostly sitting idle, funded by fossil fuel and big business. We can’t wait any longer. This is our planet to save.


That’s great to hear. For crowdfunding climate action to be a success it needs just one thing. A crowd. Sign up below and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share our message.

Yes. Governments still need to be pressured to make them change. Until then, it is up to us to squeeze their profits.

Apart from reducing our carbon footprint, we are looking for projects, start ups and ideas to get involved in. If you have a great idea let us know.

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