Welcome to Art Disrupt. We promote awareness of environmental and social issues through creative projects and collaborations.

Covid-19 - The System has been Disrupted

We need to work together to get this virus under control. Every one of us. We also need to tackle climate change. The planet needs our help more than ever. The grip that fossil fuelers have on the economy is slipping. Just not fast enough. We need to accelerate the process. It’s time to #DisruptTheSystem.

Our Projects

Communicators, it’s time to declare for the climate

We are working closely with Comms Declare to get ethical standards raised in the communications industry. The industry needs to acknowledge we are complicit. We can no longer allow our talents and services to be used by the fossil fuel industry and other polluters to manipulate public opinion. To support profit by destruction.


Beginners Guide to Crowdfunded Climate Action

A little collab we did with the amazingly talented @alistrated to unpack just how much you can contribute to the climate action movement. Together we can accelerate the transition to a green and sustainable future.


ScoMo World

A fun experiment with reskinning* a game to show the chaos happening in Australia as the pandemic took hold after the devastating Black Summer bushfires. We have a new project in the wings to explore this platform further.

*Reskinning refers to purchasing an existing game and personalising it. We purchased the licence to the original game called Santa Run which allowed us to customise the entire game.


That’s great to hear. For crowdfunding climate action to be a success it needs just one thing. A crowd. Sign up below and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share our message.

Yes. Governments still need to be pressured to make them change. Until then, it is up to us to squeeze their profits.

Apart from reducing our carbon footprint, we are looking for projects, start ups and ideas to get involved in. If you have a great idea let us know.

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