Eco Connect

Supporting the City of Port Phillip sustainable living and climate action community.


Get every Port Phillip resident involved in the sustainable living and climate action community.

What we’re doing

Connecting locals to their community

From volunteering for local groups to finding ways to recycle better, we want to help you connect to, and support the wonderful sustainable living and climate action community in the City of Port Phillip.


– Organisations and resources close to you
– Places to learn and be inspired
– Services to help you live more sustainably
– Eco stores

How it helps


Helping eco organisations thrive

Organisations often don’t have the time, energy or resources they need to recruit, sustain and amplify their work. We want to make that part a little easier.

Features for organisations:

– Create your own eco connect page
– Reach a wider audience
– Post requests and share resources

How it helps


Less cars – more community

We’ll be exploring how maps communicate place. From bike paths and public transport to parks and community resources. We want to make everything you need to live sustainably and participate in your community easy to find.

How we did it


Built from the ground up

We have contracted digital agency Annix to design and build the website. They have specialised skills relevant to this project and a lovely team helping us out.

Take action



Help us create this new community run platform for the planet and connect with the CoPP sustainable living and climate action community.



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