F–List 2021 playing cards

90 Ad and PR companies working for the fossil fuel industry.

What we did

On 22 September 2021 a list created by Clean Creatives and Comms Declare was released exposing the 90 (known) Ad and PR companies with connections to the fossil fuel industry. See the full report here.

To ensure this report had a life beyond the campaign we created a custom deck of playing cards as a tactile reminder of the scale of the problem. These agencies are fuelling the climate crisis.

How we did it

Most of the first promo print run of 100 decks headed to COP26UK in Glasgow with Duncan Meisel from Clean Creatives to prompt conversations about the agencies that continue to profit from supporting the fossil fuel industry.⁠

After creating the first deck for promotional purposes on standard playing card stock we redesigned the deck and got a new print run on premium casino quality linen stock.