ScoMo’s Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Dicking around in interactive political satire.

A game created as a fun and engaging way to remind Australian voters of the Morrison governments track record around fundamentally important issues.

“The news cycle can bury scandals quickly so we created this game as a reminder of the historic failures of the Morrison government.”

You play as Scott ‘Swinging Dick’ Morrison leaping over scandals to avoid defeat in the looming election. Each level is themed featuring 10 talking points to encourage conversation and scrutiny of how the Morrison government has failed Australia. Level one is set during the Women’s March 4 Justice, addressing the shockingly out of touch attitudes of Parliament’s ‘Swinging Dicks Club’. Level two addresses the LNPs obsession with the fossil fuel industry at the expense of Australia’s climate resilience.

“In the lead up to an election, ScoMo’s Leap of Faith should serve as a little scandal scorecard. Our biggest challenge has been fitting them all in.”

ScoMo’s Leap of Faith is an adaptation of an existing game. We created a story that worked with the mechanics of the existing gameplay.

With some funding we could add the 4 levels already planned to make the game more comprehensive and complete the story. Level three was set to critique the pandemic response and level four looked at racial and social inequalities. Level five and six showed 2 different futures for Australia. There was a glimmer of hope, we can change the narrative.

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