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Breaking news. The sweet gas tycoon high life has a sinister underbelly. The METHANE MAFIA. Hell bent on expansion, profit and pollution. Are you game enough to play dirty with the big boys?

Australia's No1 fossil gas expansion board game.

The fossil gas industry would like us all to believe they’re vital to Australia’s prosperity and a key player in the transition to reduce emissions but the only prosperity they’re interested in is their own. Gas Tycoon is designed to give you a peak behind the curtain while getting a taste of the sweet gas tycoon high life.

Tycoon talk with Judith Lucy

Gas Gazette action cards - where fiction meets facts

Gas Tycoons Gas Gazette action cards describe outlandish shenanigans Gas Tycoons get up to in their quest to become Australia’s biggest tycoon. These cards are actually inspired by real articles about the fossil gas industry in Australia. Read all about it. It’s a gas!

You know it's legit when its got a jingle