Plant Industrial Hemp

It’s the fastest way to create a carbon sink, giving tree planting projects time to establish themselves.

How good is your Lawn?

Not all lawns are created equal. Traditional grass lawns can be terrible for the environment, requiring crazy amounts of water to maintain.
If you’re one of those lucky people who actually have a lawn – check how sustainable your turf is and consider a better alternative.

Don’t buy bottled water

There are some millions of tons of plastic bottles in the landfill already. They’ll take over a thousand years to biodegrade. Don’t add to this pile, there are better ways to enjoy drinking water.

Less Babies

Probably the most controversial hack there is. There’s way too many people on this rock.

Go Paperless

Paper comes from trees. We need trees to absorb that CO2. Less use of paper = more trees. Switch to the digital bills instead of the paper ones. Don’t print things unless you really need to. And if you do – use eco-friendly stock.

Avoid fast fashion

Buy quality, sustainable clothes that last. Refurbish your old clothes rather than getting rid of them. Dust off that sewing machine designers.