Hemp for Victory!

It helped wins wars. It can do the same for the climate.

Evidence overwhelmingly shows the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere is by sequestering it in natural carbon sinks — forests, grasslands, soil etc. These natural sinks are being destroyed faster than they can be repaired and replenished. We need to supplement these carbon sinks as we fight for their restoration.


There are many ways to contribute. You can simply donate to afforestation projects or look for ways to get your hands dirty, like ways to invest in or be part of regenerative agriculture.

Eden Reforestation Projects
Crowd funded tree planting.

Rainforest Trust
Crowdfunded rainforest preservation.

Green Fleet
Crowdfunded reforestation.
Carbon offsets.

Some solutions need help to get across the line. Industrial hemp has untapped potential to not only be part of this carbon sink, but also replace polluting industries (fossil fuels, textiles, plastics etc). Find out more below.

Industrial Hemp - The Wonder Plant

Governments are beginning to remove restrictions on  hemp but this is not happening fast enough to make an impact on global warming. It’s time for a new industrial revolution, an industrial HEMP revolution.

Hemp agriculture starts working almost immediately, can be planted in nutrient poor soil with very little water and requires no fertilisers.

Hemp Farms Australia
These guys let you grow hemp with their licence.

ABC News article calling on education around the difference between hemp and cannabis.

Cannabis Company article. 7 ways cannabis can save the world.

Industrial hemp can absorb 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. Hemp's rapid growth (grows to 4m in 100 days) makes it one of the fastest CO2-to-biomass conversion tools available, more efficient than agro-forestry.

James Vosper BSCHons, FRGS

The videos below contain compelling information about the wonders of hemp. It’s a true planet saver.
We are big fans.