We have scoured the internet for sites that can help us all realise our vision of a clean, green, healthy planet and economy. luckily, a lot of people, organisations and businesses are doing great things already.

We have been inspired by the collection below but have not completely explored what all of them are doing. Please make your own assessment.

Crowdsourced Climate Action

1 Million Women
Crowdsourced sustainability.

Year of the Planet
Crowdsourced sustainability.
Crowdfunded climate action.

Crowdfunded climate action.

52 Climate Actions
Crowdsourced sustainability.

101 Ways to Fight Climate Change
Crowdsourced sustainability.

Australian Ethical Super
Crowdfunded climate action.
Sustainable investment.

Free tree planting search engine.
Crowdsourced climate action.

Free ocean clean up search engine.
Crowdsourced climate action.

Free App. Sustainability tips.
Crowdsourced sustainability.

Ethical investment.

Apps Planting Trees
Use their apps, they plant trees.
Crowdsourced climate action.

Greening Australia
Crowdfunded climate action.

Bubbly Tree
Watch ethical ads. They plant trees.
Crowdsourced climate action.

Eden Reforestation Projects
Crowdfunded climate action.

Earth Overshoot Day
Crowdsourced climate action.

Tree Project
Crowdsourced climate action.

Ujima Boston
A grass roots community movements taking control of where their money is invested.

Crowdfund Ideas

ABC Case study
What Australians could do with a crowdfund of $4 billion. ($200 per person)

Example of small scale crowdfunding that gets repaid.

Terra 2
Crowdfunded climate action.
Sustainable investment.

Climate Solution Articles
Washington post with profiles of some interesting projects.

Tropical Forest Tree
Carbon farming and indigenous projects.

Rainforest Trust
A crowdfunding example for rainforests.

Blue Lake Rancheria Minigrid
Native American tribe with its own green energy on a 100 acre reservation.

Seabin Project
Crowdfunded eco action.

The Sun Exchange
Crowdfunded climate action.
Sustainable investment.

Crowdfunded climate action.
Sustainable investment.

ETH Zurich
A global map for afforestation.

Indigenous Energy Australia
Potential crowdfunded investment opportunity. Indigenous business helping create sustainable infrastructure and income for indigenous communities.

Climate Action Network
Climate action community aimed specifically at gamers.
Ryan is a guy passionate to learn, change and share his findings to help inspire climate action. Be like Ryan.

Communication and PR professionals dedicated to climate action.

Communicators Declare
Harnessing the power of the communication, marketing, media and advertising industries to help humanity transition to a low carbon future.

Farmers for Climate Action
Farmers at the frontline of the climate emergency looking for ways to survive, adjust and be part of the solution.

Australian Architects Declare
One of many architects declare groups from around the world.

Creative and Climate
Creative agencies planning to disclose their ‘climate conflicts’ and individuals pledging to refuse working on fossil fuel clients.


Thought Box – Exploring Climate Change
Made for parents to talk to children. Has links to a lot of other resources.

Founders Pledge Climate Change Report
Discusses the science, politics, and economics of climate change, and what philanthropists can do to help.

Sustainability Illustrated
Great resource of  illustrated videos unpacking climate change.