Here is a collection of brilliant creative work that has inspired us on our disruptive journey

Tomorrow's On Fire

Created in direct response to the Australian Bushfire crisis, Darcy Prendergast’s new film #TomorrowsOnFire is a rallying cry for hope, in a country increasingly scarce of it. Made by: Oh Yeah Wow

We have a little collab coming up with Darcy. Watch this space!

Home Front part 1 - Existential Gamble

HOME FRONT Part 1 documents the existential threat of climate change from a uniquely Australian economic and national security perspective.

Beautifully shot, we really hope they get funded to complete the project. Find out more here.

What happened when we all stopped

An animated poem exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of living in harmony with nature.

Written by Tom Rivett-Carnac, directed by Avi Ofer. and narrated by Dr. Jane Goodall.

Download a free children’s book version: here


A collective of Australian artists disrupt the system by taking over advertising spaces to deliver messaging more relevant to the Australian public. Australia is on fire and it’s not normal.

Message from the collective, “We do not accept that this situation is ‘business as usual’. We are making these issues visible in our public spaces and in our media; areas monopolized by entities maintaining conservative climate denial agendas. If the newspapers won’t print the story, we will! #Bushfirebrandalism”

The Oceanmaker

The Oceanmaker is beautiful little short. It’s a couple of years old but is such a lovely story that it’s worth a share.

Check out the other short stories at Dust to get some thought provoking ideas and sci fi that often demonstrate storytelling much better than the blockbusters.

HouseFyre - Briggs & Minchin

Briggs & Tim Minchin paint the perfect picture of Australia as it settles into proper lockdown. The one thing that will survive this #HouseFyre is community. Sales and Streams of this song are being donated to the #FNC19Appeal. If you can, donate here. #StayHomeSaveLives

The Grot - Pat Grant


“A book that really thinks through one future, one kind of life that lies ahead of us, one kind of possible and feasible experience of life that climate change could bring to us” – Pat Grant.

Available online for free since May this series is best enjoyed via the physical copy that finally hit mailboxes this month. Available for purchase here.

You can really appreciate the love that has gone into every page as you explore beyond the story to the minute and exquisite detail immersing you in this future thought. I haven’t finished my copy yet, for me it’s too good to get through in one sitting, it needs to be savoured.

Just Insulin

Animated by Lluis Fuzzhound. Music by King Khan.

“To fight injustice anywhere is to fight injustice everywhere” Malik Rahim

King Khan has teamed up with Malik Rahim, activist and founder of The Common Ground Relief Initiative to raise money to provide very needed insulin to the Covid devastated folks of the 15th Ward, Algiers, in New Orleans.

Any donations can be sent to Malik directly here or buy purchasing King Khan’s Black Power Tarot Deck here or purchasing “Just Insulin” Initiative t-shirts here.

All Power to All the People!!! with love and respect. King Khan

Me Myself and Bonsai

Meet Alex Hammond… a loveable guy whose passion for Bonsai goes deeper than your average small tree enthusiast.

Short film produced and directed by Olly Sindle.

A touching look at a mans solace found through Bonsai with a message that resonates in todays pandemic reality. Nature is rad. For more Bonsai goodness check out The Atomic Tree.

The Atomic Tree

A moving virtual reality experience by Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, The Atomic Tree is a journey into the memories of one of the most revered trees in the world–a 400-year-old Japanese White Pine bonsai that witnessed–and survived–the atomic blast in Hiroshima. Watch it here.