Outdoor Fridge

Use an old unplugged fridge outside for all your fridge items during cooler months, allowing you to turn off your fridge for half of the year

Use Green Energy

Is your gas and electricity provider doing its part to be as green as possible?

Find your comfort zone

All that heating and cooling consumes an awful lot of energy. Use the power of your thermostat to make yourself comfortable, help your energy bill and reduce the impact on the environment all at the same time.
Try setting the cooling to 25C in summer and heating to 19C in winter – research shows that it’s comfortable for most humans and can save heaps of those emissions.

Use cold water wash

Each cycle – your washer would spend 75-90% of all required energy just to heat water.
Cold water wash works just as good… Well, most of the times, unless those clothes are proper stained/filthy. You’ll not only save heaps of power, but your beloved garments will last longer too.

Install Solar Panels

It’s like power from the sun. For free.

Change to LED Lights

They use at least 75% less electricity and last 25 x longer.