Staying Open - Businesses adapting to Covid-19

Staying Open – a new series written, shot and directed by good friend Jay Hynes. It documents the stories of 3 small businesses who adapted to survive the COVID-19 lockdown. Above is the story of Gail from @recycledsewingstudio.

Staying Open – Kid Gamble Barbershop

Staying Open – Demitri’s Feast

Covid Community

As Covid-19 locks down Australia there are thousands of people falling through the cracks of government support or working hard on the frontline to keep us safe and well as we isolate. If you have the ability to help, join the growing community supporting those who desperately need it. We got this!

#KeepTheDoorsOpen by SSWEATSHOP.

“We want to encourage everyone to support local small businesses and artists in a time when you can’t pop in for a coffee or go to an event. You can still support them through purchasing merch even though the doors are closed. $10 from every sale goes directly to the small business/artist, and the rest help to keep our doors open and employees at work too. You are supporting at least three local businesses with every purchase. We are in this together. Buy a t-shirt or tote bag, help keep a small business and artist alive!” Shop now

SOS – Sound of Silence is a fundraiser by SupportAct.

“Australian artist crew and music workers are among some of the most vulnerable with regards to job stability and mental wellbeing. Almost overnight, COVID19 has devastated the industry, leading to the cancellation of thousands of events and threatening the livelihood of an entire sector. These people have lost income that cannot be replaced.”

Donate here.

Adopta HCW Victoria.

With facebook groups in every state these groups connect health care workers with generous people from the community to support them as they work on the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shopping runs, dog walking, meal prep and whatever else a HCW may need to may their life a little bit easier during this crisis.

If you can help search ‘adopt a healthcare worker’ in Facebook to find a group for your area.

Mr Yum

Mr Yum is taking on the extortionate hold the likes of ubereats and deliveroo have on the food delivery service, charging a modest 4.5% on orders.

“The hospo industry we all love so much is hurting with everything that’s happening. Businesses are having to layoff valued staff and they’re fighting to make it through. By ordering through Mr Yum, you’re making a massive positive difference for these businesses. The big delivery apps generally charge 30-35% commissions! That’s not helpful for venues in times like this.”


“Whilst the entire creative community is taking a significant hit from the impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic, First Nations artists and creative industries workers remain highly marginalised and more at-risk than ever. Similarly, Indigenous health services in many communities are struggling to keep up with the public health demands this crisis is continuing to create.”

We wholeheartedly agree. #PayTheRent

For the LoveOfYourLocal.

CUB, in partnership with the AHA, is committed to raising up to $1 million worth of support for your local through these challenging times. Pre-purchase a pint for your favourite local establishment and CUB will match it so you get to redeem 2 pints when they reopen. Cheers.

Support Local Melbs.

An app for restaurants, bars, breweries and cafes to connect directly to customers during COVID-19. See what your favourite venues are able to offer in lock down and add a listing if you’re a business adapting to the restrictions with new services.


A web based searchable database of local businesses that are adapting to the lock down.

“As thousands of Australian small businesses adapt, they need your support. Your local community has new home delivery/ takeaway options – food, goods, alcohol, care packages – and at OPEN FOR BUSINESS you can search an up-to-date directory of who you can order with, right now.”


Instagram based. Not a huge amount of listings but a nice and clean layout. Clustered by area too.

Wear Local Project.

A support local initiative by a friend of mine. NZ based so if you’re in Aotearoa get shopping and support small businesses. 🙂

Love Your Neighbour Melbourne.

Melbourne based facebook group of neighbours getting all neighbourly to help each other through the challenges of Covid-19 life. Sharing is caring.

Howdy Helper.

A free resource of talented digital marketers for small businesses trying to adapt and survive through Covid-19 lockdown.


FRONTLINERS are sending kits to healthcare workers in COVID-19 affected areas by pulling together the support of the community, local and national businesses, and financial services. The kits include things like Multivitamins, sleep aids (Sleep masks and Ear plugs), long-life products, sanitary supplies, sweet treats and energy/caffeinated drinks.

Feed The Frontline

Support local by ordering food from participating restaurants and opt in to donate $5 for meals that get delivered to frontline health workers. An easy and delicious way to help out.

After taking a beating from the bushfires Scomo can’t catch a break. As a global pandemic lands firmly on Australian soil Covid-19 is one headache Scotty from marketing would love to wash his hands of, literally. Can he collect enough thoughts and prayers to save his job and Australia?
Play now here. (If you’ve played before open in an incognito window to refresh the game).

Big shout out to Peter Petrovic, the illustrator of our characters, and all the artists, illustrators and cartoonists we’ve featured in this game. James FosdikeScottie MarshDavid PopeAndrew FyfeSteve SackLalo Alcaraz@ontheleans@tammy_one@heesco@lluisfuzzhoundellejartcuslonlo and Katharina Rot.