"Art teaches us how to disrupt, in order to create a new public space. The point of art is not scaling up answers, but to tackle painful questions, to provoke and mobilize humanity to find the answers themselves, or to create a space of possibility where the truth can be found."

Gediminas Urbonas

May Feature - Me Myself and Bonsai

Meet Alex Hammond… a loveable guy whose passion for Bonsai goes deeper than your average small tree enthusiast.

Short film produced and directed by Olly Sindle.

A touching look at a mans solace found through Bonsai with a message that resonates in todays pandemic reality. Nature is rad. For more Bonsai goodness check out The Atomic Tree.

May 2020

April Feature - HouseFyre - Briggs & Minchin

Briggs & Tim Minchin paint the perfect picture of Australia as it settles into proper lockdown. The one thing that will survive this #HouseFyre is community. Sales and Streams of this song are being donated to the #FNC19Appeal. If you can, donate here. #StayHomeSaveLives

April 2020

March 2020

March Feature - Scomo.World

After taking a beating from the bushfires Scomo can’t catch a break. As a global pandemic lands firmly on Australian soil Covid-19 is one headache Scotty from marketing would love to wash his hands of, literally. Can he collect enough thoughts and prayers to save his job and Australia?
Play now here.

Big shout out to Peter Petrovic, the illustrator of our characters, and all the artists, illustrators and cartoonists we’ve featured in this game. James Fosdike, Scottie Marsh, David Pope, Andrew Fyfe, Steve Sack, Lalo Alcaraz, @ontheleans, @tammy_one, @heesco, @lluisfuzzhound, ellejart, cuslonlo and Katharina Rot.

February Feature - #BushfireBrandalism

A collective of Australian artists disrupt the system by taking over advertising spaces to deliver messaging more relevant to the Australian public. Australia is on fire and it’s not normal.

Message from the collective, “We do not accept that this situation is ‘business as usual’. We are making these issues visible in our public spaces and in our media; areas monopolized by entities maintaining conservative climate denial agendas. If the newspapers won’t print the story, we will! #Bushfirebrandalism”

February 2020

The Atomic Tree

A moving virtual reality experience by Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee.Watch it here.

Check out the The Australian Cartoon Museum. Founder Jim Bridges has studiously collected an impressive catalogue of cartoons and illustrations critiquing the status quo in Australia. Here’s some of our favourites.

January Feature - #TomorrowsOnFire

Created in direct response to the Australian Bushfire crisis, Darcy Prendergast’s new film #TomorrowsOnFire is a rallying cry for hope, in a country increasingly scarce of it. Made by: Oh Yeah Wow

Their request is for you to support injured Australian wildlife. Donation to: Wildlife Victoria or  Coopers Animal Refuge

January 2020